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"The growth of luxury retail in Canada is undeniable, presenting an opportunity for CF and our retail clients. Let's partner together to lead the industry through this exciting retail evolution."

—John M. Sullivan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Cadillac Fairview

The demand for luxury retail in Canada remained consistent until 2010. It then turned a corner. Uninhibited growth has garnered attention from some of the most established and prestigious names in luxury apparel and goods. Looking forward, Canada is well positioned to continue to flourish and become the world's next big luxury destination.

the sum total of Canadian luxury retail purchases1
Canadian residences with investible assets over 1M2
the percentage of sales the luxury category captures1
the amount of luxury sales generated in the top Cadillac Fairview properties

The growth of the luxury offering in Canada cannot be denied.

projected surge in the luxury market between now and 20193
luxury market growth between 2013 and 20141
forecasted increase for 20151
the rate Canadian luxury sales are expected to advance in comparison to common retail over the next 5 years3

Merchandise from distant shores and increasingly, patrons, as well.

the number of visitors and visitor purchases in Canada has increased
for 6 consecutive quarters4

The U.K., China and Germany are key international markets to Toronto.5

of overnight visitors are from overseas, which accounts for 51% of overnight visitor expenditure5

There is one group that significantly contributes to this rapid increase of luxury sales: Chinese tourists.

The Chinese are the world’s premier purchasers of luxury items, And Canada is one of their most revered travel destinations, with over 500,000 visiting in 2014.

23 %
the rise in Chinese guests that Canada has witnessed6
the amount Chinese clientele spend per capita in comparison to the global average6
the swell in visitor spending6
of those Chinese visitors journey to Ontario7



Toronto represents the highest concentration of population, wealth, and potential.

the percentage of high net worth Canadian residences situated within Toronto2

5th most prosperous city in the world.8

#1 most livable city in the world

(based on livability, cost of living, business environment, democracy and food security)9

toronto Produces 20% of Canada’s GDP

Every great civilization has had one city at the centre of its art and culture. In Canada, Toronto is that city.

Toronto is a city of sophistication. Within its limits, one can find no less than 200 professional performing arts organizations, an abundance of commercial and not-for-profit galleries and museums, as well as film festivals numbering near 100.



the world's highest profile, luxury retailers are entrusting us with their futures.

“The opening of our first Saks Fifth Avenue stores at CF Toronto Eaton Centre and CF Sherway Gardens brings Canadian shoppers the luxury fashion and exceptional service for which Saks is renowned. We appreciate Cadillac Fairview’s strong commitment to providing us with the opportunity to be a part of Toronto's premier luxury shopping destination.”

—Richard Baker, HBC Governor and CEO
Saks Fifth Avenue, press release—January 2014

“Cadillac Fairview has been instrumental in helping us get started in Canada, and we’re thrilled to be part of these premier shopping destinations.”

—Erik Nordstrom, President of Stores, Nordstrom
Cadillac Fairview four store deal—September 2013

We cannot bring you Toronto's single premium luxury retail location. Instead, allow us to introduce both

we'd love to tell you more about our commitment to luxury.

CF Sherway Gardens

Mark Palazzo
Senior Director, Leasing
(416) 598–8434

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

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Director, Leasing
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